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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 13, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, bracing for the blizzard. a monster snowstorm on the move. already causing problems in the midwest overnight. and it's only going to get bigger. the flight delays happening already and where up to 20 inches possible. president trump's deadline is here. lawmakers want evidence into his claims that former president obama tapped his phones. will he ever prove -- provide proof? plus new questions concerning the firing of a new york federal prosecutor. was it really just procedural. in ferguson, the new video of the night michael brown was shot sparking it all plus this -- >> he landed on my head, shoulder and the back. >> collision course.
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a dolphin jumps out of the water with a surfer directly in its path. and we do say good morning, everybody, on this monday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm mara schiavocampo in for diane. we begin with a mid-march storm gaining strength as it treks across the country. >> the radar and you can see the storm system, it is -- snow is falling in several states right now, iowa, wisconsin, illinois and indiana. >> live picture out of chicago outside of wrigley field. we'll see that in a second. in chicago about half a foot of snow is possible. that's a rare sight this winter for people in the windy city. that last measurable snowfall for chicago was december 17th. we'll work on getting the live picture. >> hawaii has had more snow than chicago. unbelievable. so, that storm system will
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another and form that monster system and take aim at the east coast and here's what things will look like by tuesday evening. more than a foot expected in some spots and people are bracing. janai norman among them. >> reporter: more than 60 million bracing for the big blizzard. >> awful. the snow is crazy. i didn't expect it to get this bad. it is intense. so crazy. >> reporter: the fierce nor'easter taking shape that could set records for the biggest snowfall in the month of march. snow is already pounding parts of the midwest. expected to collide with another system moving up the east coast creating a monster storm. >> we went and got our milk and eggs and ready to go. >> reporter: anticipated to reach peak bloom but spring on standby. the sudden surge catching millions by surprise. >> it went from 60 degrees and
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this. >> reporter: last week's warmth giving way to dangerous driving conditions in the icy grip of winter. >> i thought we were going into spring. disappointed. >> i thought we kind of, you know, beat the winter but it's coming back. >> reporter: gentleman may norman, abc news, washington. oh, we all thought we did. with spring right around the corner tracking the progress of the storm all night long. >> accuweather's paul williams explains to us now how it will come together later today. >> good morning, mara, kendis. i want to prepare you for this monster of a nor'easter. first we have widespread cold. high pressure system to the north will bring that cold air coming in from canada. then we will have a strengthening of the jet as it dips further and opens the door for a couple of low pressure systems to meet right here towards the northeast, major impact throughout the northeast covering d.c., new york, as well as philadelphia, up towards boston and the entire northeast.
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whiteouts, gusts between 40 to 60-mile-per-hour winds tuesday into tuesday night looking at power outages, travel crippled to a standstill to nothing and perhaps even 24 inches or two feet of snow in some areas. kendis, mara. >> the storm is already causing problems at some airports. >> nearly 1,000 flights are already canceled today. and dozens are delayed. most of them coming from chicago's o'hare and midway airports. expect those delays and cancellations to hit major east coast hubs this time tomorrow. well, now to washington where top lawmakers on the house intelligence committee want some answers today about president trump's wiretapping claims. they've asked the justice department to turn over any evidence the trump tower was wiretapped during last year's campaign at the order of former president obama. since making that claim in a series of explosive tweets president trump has offered zero proof. democrats a
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questions about the dismissal of former new york prosecutor federal prosecutor bharar. 1 of let go by jeff sessions during the transition. he said president trump had asked him to stay in office. now some democrats are suggesting that he may have been fired in order to slow down a potential corruption investigation of the trump administration. the white house intruder has a court appearance. he was arrested late friday after allegedly scaling a perimeter fence and getting close to the white house's southern entrance. police say 26-year-old jonathan tran was carrying a letter that mentions russian hackers. the president praised those who took him into custody. >> the secret service did a fantastic job. it was a troubled person. very sad. >> well, tran was allegedly carrying two cans of mace and one of president trump's books when he was arrested. he'll likely face unlawful entry
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there is an ominous warning for isis as coalition troops tighten their grip on western mo mo mosul. iraqi forces have cut off all roads. he told reporters any isis fighters left in mosul, quote, are going to die because they're trapped. isis has held mosul since 2014. we're hearing from former south korean leader park geun-hye. for the first time since her removal as president yesterday her motorcade left the presidential palace on the way home from seoul. in a statement park denied any wrongdoing in the corruption scandal that led to her impeachment and insisted the truth will come out overtime. back in the u.s. former vice president joe biden continuing his use of his cancer initiative to push for more research. he made an emotional appeal during an address at the south by southwest festival in austin, texas. biden urged tech innovators to use their resources to fight the disease. the former vp
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bipartisan issue left in america. >> it's my hope that this new administration once it gets organized and i'm not being facetious will be able to focus on and be as committed and as enthusiastic as we were in the goal of ending cancer as we know it. >> and you'll recall the former vp's son beau biden died from cancer in 2015. why there is a lot more heart attacks and car crashes today compared to any other day of the year. new this morning a golf course owned by president trump vandalized. who says they did it and why. caught on camera, talk about ro rooftop parking. the dramatic video showing this crash and how it ended up like this.
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overnight firefighters battle a massive blaze in downtown los angeles. the flames sent flumes of smoke across the city. the fire erupted at a commercial building. nearly 200 firefighters were on the scene. a large amount of chili peppers were being stored in the building adding fuel to the fire as well as creating an irtapts. so far no injuries reported as a result. also in california, a golf course owned by president trump was vandalized over the weekend. video obtained by "the washington post" shows environmental activists defacing the trump national golf club located near long beach. several people carved no more tigers, no more woods into the grass. in a statement the activists claimed to be sending
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about climate change. elsewhere in california a suspect is due in court after he was caught on camera allegedly trying to entice a little girl into a supermarket bathroom. surveillance video captured a man identified as 78-year-old theodore childers allegedly trying to lure the 6-year-old girl in the men's room with a promise of a treat and thankny did not listen. after police released the video a gym employee recognized him as a member. breaking news overnight in ferguson, missouri where a fresh round of violence erupted after the release of a new documentary on michael brown's death. protesters gathered outside a convenience store. at least four people were arrested after gunshots erupted. no one was hurt. the protests come after stranger fruit premiered at south by southwest this austin, texas. the film includes new video of brown inside that store before being shot. the director believes the video shows brown trading marijuana for ciga
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what police claim saying that brown robbed the store. brown was gunned down shortly after. the shooting led to months of unrest in the st. louis suburb. there was something unexpected in the air as well as on the ground near richmond, virginia. a hot air balloon came down in the middle of a neighborhood in the town of atlee. no injuries reported. officials have not figured out what caused that balloon to come down abruptly. one of the stars of abc's "black-ish" is getting the ultimate endorsement from none other than michelle obama. >> she wrote a letter of recommendation for one of the stars who plays zoe, the 17-year-old discussed her relationship with mrs. obama during an interview with "w" magazine and one of the colleges on her list is harvard university. the former first lady -- first daughter, malia is heading there in the fall. >> i can't imagine you would not get in with that. >> can you imagine them saying --
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>> you couldn't have gotten the president? >> when we come back this after the checkered flag. what caused these nascar drivers to go at it. a dolphin jumps out of the water and lands on a surfer. what he is saying about the encounter. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really... ...need a sick day. dads don't take sick days. dads take dayquil severe: the...
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tions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas... ...where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flulike symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. looking now at the latest radar, showing that late winter snowstorm marching across the midwest dumping up to half a foot of snow from chicago to detroit. but later today it will collide with another system working its way up the east coast combining them into a monster nor'easter. and in a sign of just how bitterly cold it is, this blast of arctic air, check out this home in western new york on the lake ontario shoreline completely encased in ice. the result of subfreezing temperatures and five days worth of violent
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waters of the lake. >> that really is unbelievable. now for a look at morning road conditions, snowy up into new england and wet roads along the east coast from d.c. down to florida and roads will be wet in the pacific northwest with
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scene of that fire died in a car crash and the governor has ordered flags at half-staff to honor him. illusionist criss angel says he's fine after a scare during one of his performances in las vegas. he is known for his straitjacket escape during which he's hoisted up by his ankles. friday, something went wrong and his team lowered him to the team and rushed him to the hospital. he was evaluated and released and he was back on stage over the weekend. he talks about it in an exclusive interview on "good morning america." half a world away, another guy who is just fine but perhaps a bit shaken up is this driver in china. surveillance video shows him skidding his honda suv out of control and flying onto the roof of a house that sat just below a highway. he was reportedly swerving to avoid hitting a tricycle and pedestrians. the home suffered extensive damage but it has been empty for some time and no one was hurt. >> speaking of cars. >> crazy.
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wild scene in vegas where things got rough at a nascar race. kyle busch, number 18, joey logano don't like each other. come in contact. >> busch didn't care for that and let logano know it walking right up to him and leading with a punch, everyone then piled on to break things up. when busch came away he had a bloody cut above his eye. that's not very sportsmanlike. >> what is sportsmanlike is basketball. >> highlights from espn. good morning, america. i'm john buccigross. on espn last night you might have been in bed preparing for your morning and missed it. rockets and cavaliers from houston, james harden, mvp candidate, lebron james mvp candidate. houston up 6 with two minutes to go. good defense by houston. james harden brings it
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anderson beverly for three, a big shot. that just about did the cavaliers in, another triple-double for james harden. 30 for lebron but the rockets win. ncaa tournament underway and friends at westgate in las vegas installed duke as the favorite to win the tournament. 5-1 odds. north carolina right behind them. villanova the number one overall seed, they are at 8-1 with kentucky, so villanova the number one overall seed in the tournament but it's duke as the favorite to win it according, again, to the folks in las vegas. there, duke and north carolina have never met in an ncaa tournament game. any game at any level however jay billals thinks they'll meet in the finals. up next the worst possible case of the mondays. why today is such a dangerous day. >>el
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we believe in real food. whole foods market. ♪ time to check "the pulse" starting with the side effects from daylight saving time. >> it appears today is one of the most dangerous days of year. why? because of the lack of sleep, of course. a recent study shows heart attacks increase by 25% on the monday after springing ahead. >> wow. according to aaa this day also has the highest number of car accidents compared to any other day of the year. so, do be careful out there in next up let's cap some waves and try to avoid to what happened to one surfer in australia. this speaks for itself. >> you see that giant thing, a dolphin jumping out of the water
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top of a surfer. that's sam huan on the board. after he saw it for himself once he was back on land he made an interesting observation about the dolphins in the water. >> after it happened, you know what, they communicated to each other that every time i was paddling they're coming and supposed to jump, they were getting away from me. >> that's a good way to look at it. so, surfer sam claiming he could tell the dolphins were communicating with each other. >> the incident did not scare him off. he stayed in the water and now he has one great story to tell. >> if it had been a shark, forget about it. wouldn't have went back. speaking of animals this time on land. >> meet ollie just adorable. he is a jack russell terrier who competed at england's crufts dog show and unorthodox style is earning him plenty of attention. >> i tackled in from nose-diving to flying over an
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he did not win the competition but is winning on social media with half a million views on youtube, having fun counts. looks like he's having a blast. >> he had a lot of energy. even like the guy who was a commentator doing all of it while watches the replay he couldn't control himself. he was just at a loss for words. >> a lot of fun to watch. i much would rather watch this disaster than a dog performing perfectly. the work week is starting with a stormwatch winter weather alert. a serious storm system is heading this way.. good morning washington. toss to eileen winter storm warning in effect for d.c. and areas west from 7pm through 2pm tuesday. winter storm watch in effect for prince george's, anne arundel, stafford, and orange counties. - dry to prepare for
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- snow likely tonight through tomorrow - highest accumulations north of d.c.; rain/snow line critical for totals - long melt/refreeze process following the storm with continued cold weather today: sun early, clouds late. snow develops this evening. highs: 43-46 winds: ne to se 5-10 mph tonight: snow, mixed with rain east of i-95. windy. lows: 29-34 winds: se to ne 10-15 g 30+ tuesday: snow, mixed with rain southeast in the morning. snow tapers off around 2pm. windy & cold. highs: 33-37 winds: n to nw 10-20 g 30+ stormwatch coverage continues-
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they are already taking precautions ahead of today's storm. metro-access service will stop running at four p-m today... and is suspended all day tuesday. when it comes to the rails -- metro says it can operate pretty close to normal when there are snow totals between four and six inches, but you may still see some delays... so it's always best to check the metro website before you leave the house. and remember - you can stay a step ahead by signing up for our metro alerts at wjla-dot-com slash text. developing now-- we are learning more about the sudden firing of more than obama era federal prosecutors. preet bharara says the white house called him on thursday, and left a voicemail asking him
4:28 am
return the call, becuase he believed speaking with the president would violate d-o-j protocol. hours later-- attorney general jeff sessions requested his resignation, and when bharara refused, he was fired. the quick exits aren't expected to have a major impact on ongoing prosecutions, but they are giving u.s. attorneys little time to prepare deputies who will take over until successors are named. meanwhile-- a former governor and actor, is telling fans that when it comes to politics, he will not "be back". former governor arnold schwarzenegger took to facebook on sunday-- to squash rumors about a possible senate run. he wrote that he was deeply flattered-- but his mission right now is to " bring sanity to washington through redistricting reform". recently schwarzenegger has acted as an outspoken critic of president donald trump. fists fly on the nascar track-- minutes after the kobalt 400 in las vegas. and this is why. on the final lap-- driver joey logano taps another car, sending it skidding off the track. and that driver, kyle busch, was not happy about it. crews had to pull the two
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it's xx and we're just getting started. a winter weather alert is in effect. crews are out right now preparing for a major winter storm-- in the middle of march! our stormwatch weather team is tracking the storm's path, and will break down when it will hit, and it's impact across the d-m-v. good morning washington. winter storm warning in effect for d.c. and areas west from 7pm through 2pm tuesday. winter storm watch in effect for prince george's, anne arundel, stafford, and orange counties. - dry to prepare for the snow today (before 5pm) - snow likely tonight through tomorrow - highest accumulations north of d.c.; rain/snow line critical for totals - long melt/refreeze process following the storm with continued cold weather today: sun early, clouds late. snow develops this evening. highs: 43-46 winds: ne to se 5-10 mph tonight: snow, mixed
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lows: 29-34 winds: se to ne 10-15 g 30+ tuesday: snow, mixed with rain southeast in the morning. snow tapers off around 2pm. windy & cold. highs: 33-37 winds: n to nw 10-20 g 30+ this morning more than 60 million


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